About Joy

“Rock star” and “Bible teacher” don’t often go in the same sentence. But somehow they both fit Joy Patton. Rock stars put on a great show with amazing creativity and passion, but it all goes back to making great music that comes from the heart. Joy is a creative communicator who speaks from the heart and brings energy and passion to everything she does. But it all goes back to knowing God and knowing His Word.

Joy goes through the creative side of a woman’s brain to get to her heart. “So often we teach women the Bible only through the left side of the brain with logic and reason. But I’ve found that when women see the pictures in God’s Word, the truth can go even deeper into their hearts.” Joy’s word pictures and characters that connect to lessons from God’s Word leave a lasting impact on the women she teaches.

Joy is the author of From Ice Queen To Princess, a study of the book of Galatians that focuses on how we relate to each other and to God and the process of spiritual transformation. She has also written The Myth Of Enuff, an allegorical story about what happens when we understand the truth that we are not good enough on our own and decide that the Gospel is truly sufficient for each of us.

As a Women’s Bible Study Teacher at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, she led several studies, including Gospel Transformation (co-leading with author Mary Grace Birkhead), Sonship, and Women Who Dare To Believe, teaching along with Bonnie Keen (recording artist and author) and Nan Gurley (actress and writer). In 2009, Joy started a ministry in her home town that connected women in their communities. In 2011, she launched similar groups in eight areas around Nashville. “I believe there is no limit to what women can accomplish when they do life together.”

In 2014, God moved Joy back into the public school classroom. She shifted from teaching scripture to teaching Shakespeare. But she continues to find ways to shepherd hearts and preach the Gospel in lots of different ways. She is a teacher leader who thinks outside the box and tries new ideas.

Joy grew up as a pastor’s daughter in Macedonia, Ohio. At Grace College in Winona Lake, IN, she focused on theatre and journalism in college and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education with a minor in Communication. Her primary mission is to serve and support her husband Andrew and their four children – Connor, Kyle, Hope and Faith. She also teaches English at Renaissance High School in Franklin, TN.

What women have said about From Ice Queen to Princess:

“Joy Patton brings this study of Galatians alive as she introduces group participants to who they really are in Christ. It’s a very refreshing and inspiring Bible study for busy women in today’s world. The class helped heal my inner child while leading me to discover my inner princess.”
Kristy Ensor

From Ice Queen to Princess has helped me understand God more than any other Bible study. Being reminded that He sees perfection in me, because He sees Jesus in me is like a weight lifted!” – Amanda Juillard

“I have been through a lot of studies before, but this one is different! Joy Patton takes the book of Galatians and speaks directly to the hearts of her readers. Many times my relationship with the Lord was based on a set of rules, and other times I never felt good enough for Him. The book, From Ice Queen to Princess, has shown me, God views me as His Princess even in my mess. I really enjoyed how Joy used everyday situations and asked her readers how they respond to those situations. Speaking directly to women’s hearts, this study will forever change them from being Ice Queens to His Princesses.” – Jennifer Thieman

“I loved the personal stories infused in the Biblical application. It was an intimate study that could be experienced by one person on their own or large groups of women. The references to various characters in films help you visualize the Orphan, Ice Queen and Princess. The chapter challenges that incorporate art, nature and self reflection allow the reader to truly become part of Joy’s work.” – Amy Bryan

You can purchase a copy of Joy’s book From Ice Queen to Princess here.

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