Joy is available to come speak for your next event.  She can talk about how the Ice Queen, the Orphan and the Princess relate to God, the subject of her book From Ice Queen to Princess.  She can also take any topic you read in the blog and expand the Biblical teaching for teens or for women.

Topics she has taught on before:

  • Women of the Bible
    • Miriam: Just like your high school clothes, your high school faith doesn’t fit anymore either
    • Esther: True Beauty, True Identity, True Friends
    • Tamar, the wife of Judah: A Law Girl’s Approach
    • Eve: It’s all broke
    • Mary, the mother of Jesus: Three tea cups
    • Ruth: Friendships of Women
  • “My Love/Hate Relationship with Christmas”
  • “Cast Out the Slave Woman: God’s Woman is Free”
  • “The Different Gospels of the Ice Queen, the Orphan and the Princess” (Galatians 1)
  • “Fellowship with the Father”
  • Any lesson from Sonship or Gospel Transformation

What people are saying about Joy Patton as a speaker:

“Joy brilliantly relates the struggle of every believer to recognize their new identity in Christ. Her reflections on the book of Galatians provide great insight for individuals to recognize their past but to move forward in the renewal and transformation that comes from knowing Christ.” – Matt Huston, Westport Road Baptist Church

“Joy Patton is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is unafraid to be open and vulnerable about her own struggles as she shares what it means to follow Jesus in the challenges of marriage and motherhood.  She is passionate about friendship and honesty in an authentic Christian life and teaches with clarity and practical application.  I taught alongside her on a weekly basis for a year and can heartily recommend her as the real deal when it comes to solid and relevant Biblical teaching.” – Nan Gurley, Author of Women Who Dare To Believe and Conference Speaker

“Joy is passionate woman who embraces people and God’s Word extraordinary well.  She’s a source of ‘deep water.’  A great thinker and wonderful communicator, Joy has the ability to present Biblical truth in practical, engaging and often humorous ways.  You’ll love sitting under her teaching.  You’ll love just sitting with her even more.”  – Doug Martin, Adult Ministries Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church

“Our women’s ministry was privileged to have Joy Patton as the guest speaker at our annual Christmas luncheon.  Her easygoing, approachable style enabled her to reach across generational lines and communicate God’s truths to the hearts of every woman in attendance.  Through her personal stories, Joy inspired and challenged us to view ourselves through God’s eyes; as special and unique.  Joy is an authentic follower of Christ with an ability to communicate Scriptural truths in a way that touches hearts and changes lives.” – Dawn Saraney, Calvary Chapel Mountainside, North Carolina

“Recently I had the honor of spending two semesters, co-teaching-keynote-speaking with Joy Patton. All I can say is this tall, gorgeous Joy was full of creative, powerful ways to connect with the women. She brought honest authenticity to each keynote. She was herself, open and revealed…transparent and vulnerable. In my opinion any event is better for including a speaker, teacher, friend and real deal woman like Joy Patton.” – Bonnie Keen, Author/Speaker/Recording Artist

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