Glorious Impossible 2012

Published December 10, 2012 by joypatton

I write about this every year because it is such a good reminder to me of God’s faithfulness to me.  The “Glorious Impossible” comes from a worship song by Carl Cartee we sing at church during the season.  It causes me reflect on all the “impossible” things that God made possible for His glory in the Christmas story.  How impossible it was for a virgin to get pregnant!  How impossible it was that Joseph decided to marry her anyway.  How impossible that Elizabeth, who was past childbearing years, would get pregnant.  How God moved a couple from Nazareth to Bethlehem to birth a child in the city of David from the “house of Bread.”  How impossible for shepherds to see a choir of angels singing or  for Mary to have an angel speak to her or for Joseph to have an angel in a dream… twice!  How impossible is it to get a man or woman to act in obedience based on a dream?  How impossible to find three kings willing to travel and bring gifts based on what they saw in the stars!  How impossible to move this couple from Bethlehem to Egypt to again fulfill a promise!  How impossible for God to become man and yet remain fully God!

So that brings me to think about this past year and the “impossible” things God has done.  This year there is one event that was full of impossibilites.  At the beginning of the year one of my goals (yes, I’m a nerd and and I write them down) was to attend She Speaks! presented by Proverbs 31 Ministries.  But finding the money to go simply seemed impossible.  My sweet husband knew what I wanted for my birthday before he asked me.  He had worked behind the scenes with my friends to put together the money to go.  However when I went to register a few days after my birthday, the conference was full.  By faith, I put my name on a waiting list.  LeAnn and her team at Proverbs 31 were so great about keeping me updated on where I was in the list.  I kept praying and praying that God had a spot for me.

In the mean time, my two friends were getting a small group of women together to go through From Ice Queen to Princess over the summer.  Each woman paid $10 to participate in the study.  When I got home after the first night, I received an email that my number was up and a spot was available for me if I wanted it.  That night I went to register.  As I was getting ready to pay for it, I chuckled at God’s timing.  The money from my birthday hadn’t quite been enough to cover all the costs, but because of the money from the small group study, I had enough to go.

When I went to register for the breakout sessions, the writer and speaker peer critiques were full.  But there was an option to put your name on a waiting list, so I did.  Sure enough…a couple weeks later I was told there was a spot in a writer’s group for me.  I printed out the copies of what I needed to bring with me and left for the conference.  While I was sitting in the first session, I heard them say that if you wanted a spot in a speaker group, there might be some openings and to ask at the registration desk.  So I did.

Sure enough…There was a spot in a group.  But it would mean giving up my spot in the writer’s group, and I had nothing prepared for the speaker’s group.  I called Andrew for some advice, and he said that he could tell that I wanted to do the speaker’s group.  So I took the opening and between sessions wrote an outline for a 5-minute talk of my testimony to deliver to my peer critique group after the last session.  That night it went really well, and I knew that I was in the right spot.  I loved meeting the women in my group.


The next morning at breakfast I sat with some of the girls from my group.  They had heard me say I wrote a book and asked me if I was meeting with any publishers while I was at the conference.  “Oh, no,” I said.  “I signed up too late and I’m sure there aren’t any spots open.  Besides no one wants to hear about this book anyway.  It’s already been turned down by several publishers.”  I was immediately convicted about my Orphan mentality and felt like I should go ask if there were any spots open.  After all, you never know unless you ask.

After the session, I found the woman who made the appointments with publishers and asked if there were any appointments available.  “Who do you want to meet with?” she asked.  “Oh, I’ll take whatever you got.”  Sure enough…she had an appointment open with a publisher I hadn’t yet talked to.  I chuckled at God as I walked down the stairs.  He had all these appointments planned for me all along.  He just hadn’t let me in on it.  He was asking me to trust him with every step on this journey.

I wish I could say that the meeting with the publisher led to a book deal and that the Proverbs 31 ministries representative was so impressed with my speaking that they invited me to be on their team.  In any movie or novel, that would make a really great end to the story, but the publisher rejected my proposal like everyone else and Proverbs 31 never called.

But I got something even better out of that weekend.  I felt like God put together that speaking group just for me, and they ministered such healing to my soul through their kind comments and encouraging words.   I remembered how much I loved speaking.  But the highlight of the whole weekend was spending some quiet time in my empty hotel room with the Lord on Sunday morning.  He gave guidance I had been looking for and affirmation for where I had been.  He also told me that I do have a partner in what I’m doing…God.  And for right now, he wants to be the only partner.  He reminded me that weekend that even if I never write another blog or publish a book or speak ever again, that my identity in Him is secure.  I have been set apart and called by grace, and nothing will ever change that.

When I looked at all the doors that seemed impossible to open on this trip, I’m  amazed at all that He made possible.  This trip reminded me that He is big enough to orchestrate even the smallest details.  I remembered that He saw me, He cared about me, and He loved me so much that he made a way for me to go to the conference.  But the even bigger glorious impossible is that he has made a way for a sinner, unrighteous, unholy person like me who gets it wrong, messes it up and hurts other people to be in relationship with Him, the Creator of all who is righteous, holy, perfect, loving and sovereign.  He sent His Son to earth in an impossible set of circumstances to live a perfect life and die on the cross, so that I didn’t have to.

He doesn’t need me or any talent I have to offer to accomplish His perfect plan.  And yet He continues to invite me to join him in his work.  How impossible it seems to take a loud, selfish, bossy, arrogant person like me and use her in women’s ministry!  How impossible it is to take someone who has been rejected and disqualified and make her feel accepted and qualified!  God delights in making the impossible possible.  When he does, he alone gets the glory.  Glory to God in highest!

So what was your Glorious Impossible in 2012?  What’s the Glorious Impossible you are trusting him for in 2013?

Video of Glorious Impossible by Carl Cartee

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