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Published August 27, 2012 by joypatton

I’m so excited to offer From Ice Queen to Princess as an online Bible study this fall! For the past two years I have been writing a study of the book of Galatians that looks at how the gospel transforms us from Ice Queens and Orphans into Princesses. I’ve found that as women we often know that we are God’s Princesses, his beloved adopted daughters. However this knowledge doesn’t seem to affect our everyday lives. We are stuck relating to God and to each other as Ice Queens, powerful, perfectionist women who love to be in control, and Orphans, poor wandering souls who don’t feel worthy and try to please others. These personas are two sides of the same coin, two extremes focused on self. Sometimes the church and our society reinforce the strong, powerful woman or the Christian nice girl that makes everyone happy. However neither one is pleasing to God. In this study we look at what God’s Princess looks like in contrast to Ice Queens and Orphans. It’s a study that reads more like a nonfiction book than a textbook. It’s a study that goes through the right side of your brain to get to the heart. It’s a study that will help you get “unstuck.”

How It Works
You register for the class online using the link below. We will use a variety of online tools. Use whatever you are comfortable with.
Email – Each Sunday I will send you a PDF file of the chapters. These can be uploaded into most eReaders or printed off.
Facebook– When you register, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group only for women currently in the study. Each day I will post one of the discussion questions. You can share your answer by commenting on the post.
Blog – I will be using this blog each week. Mondays will be the usual post about where God has me each week. Wednesdays will be a video blog about current thoughts or stories about the chapter for the week. “Free Advice Fridays” are when you can ask me anything about anything. Make sure you “follow” to this blog via email so you don’t miss the good stuff. Click the button under my picture to get started.
Pinterest – I have a board on my account (JoyPatton) that is called “Ice Queens, Orphans and Princesses.” When you find something that reminds you of the three personas, you can send me pictures to post on this board. Each chapter also has a “Royal Fun” activity. You may want to post those on Pinterest or on the private Facebook page.
Twitter – It’s a great place to talk about the study using the hash tag #IQ2P. Post quotes or share a “Princess moment.” I may Tweet a verse for the day…maybe.

The Details
The study starts the week of September 9 and will end the week of November 11. Ten weeks to become a Princess…or at least get started!
The cost is $10 plus Paypal fees. You can register by clicking here.

I’m giving away THREE tote bags with goodies, including a copy of my book The Myth of Enuff. Register for the study before September 1st, and you will be entered in a drawing to win. I hope to see you online and don’t forget to invite a friend! You can read below what women who have gone through the study have said.

From Ice Queen to Princess has helped me understand God more than any other Bible study. Being reminded that He sees perfection in me, because He sees Jesus in me is like a weight lifted!” – Amanda Juillard

“I have been through a lot of studies before, but this one is different! Joy Patton takes the book of Galatians and speaks directly to the hearts of her readers. Many times my relationship with the Lord was based on a set of rules, and other times I never felt good enough for Him. The book, From Ice Queen to Princess, has shown me, God views me as His Princess even in my mess. I really enjoyed how Joy used everyday situations and asked her readers how they respond to those situations. Speaking directly to women’s hearts, this study will forever change them from being Ice Queens to His Princesses.” – Jennifer Thieman

“I loved the personal stories infused in the Biblical application. It was an intimate study that could be experienced by one person on their own or large groups of women. The references to various characters in films help you visualize the Orphan, Ice Queen and Princess. The chapter challenges that incorporate art, nature and self reflection allow the reader to truly become part of Joy’s work.” – Amy Bryan

“This study was wonderful. It taught me to really look at how I can act like a Princess with our amazing Father to help me through.” – Michelle A.

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