Lemon:Aid Stand

Published June 1, 2012 by joypatton

Last year my kids begged to do lemonade stands at the end of our driveway whenever they wanted more money to spend.  When a mom hears “lemonade stand,” she hears  “lots of sticky, messy work for very little profit.”  But the begging continued.  I tried everything I could think of to talk them out of it.  I made them sit on the front porch and do “market research.”  They had to count how many cars went by our house in 10 minutes and calculate how much money they would make if every car bought lemonade.  I made them drag out the table to the end of the driveway.  I prayed that God would not send them business, so that they would realize that I was right.  But they were determined, and they sold a lot more lemonade than I ever thought they would.  God chose not to honor my selfish request that day.  People even overpaid for the lemonade just because the kids were so cute.

So this year I decided to take a different approach with a more positive attitude.  Instead of feeling guilty and sad about not being able to afford day camps for the kids, I decided that we could give our lives away for free and looked for service projects we could do together.  I ordered a Lemon:Aid Stand kit from Blood:water Mission, “making a stand for clean water.”  Cute, right?  I showed it to Kyle, and of course, he was ready to set up a lemonade stand right away.  We had lots of preparation to do, and I basically let Kyle be the boss for the afternoon.  He wanted to set up his stand at our Community Pool for Memorial Day Weekend because there would be lots of people.  He went with me to ask permission and helped me make a list for the store.  He was with me when we asked the manager at Publix if they would be willing to donate some cups and napkins, which they did.  He helped put up signs for the big event.

Kyle was with me when I ironed the logos on white T-shirts.  (Tip: When you do this at your house, make sure the logo is right side up before you iron. Oops!  Fortunately there were three in the kit.)  Kyle was up early the next morning asking to go to Dollar General to put helium in the balloons that came in our kit.  He helped carry everything over to the pool and decided to have a “lemon-sucking” contest to see who could hold a lemon in their mouth the longest.

It turned out to be a lot of fun.  The other kids at the pool helped man the stand, from teens all the way down to a 4-year-old.  We had a lot of support and raised $46 for Blood:water Mission.  That means that 46 Africans will have water for one year because of Kyle.  It was definitely much more rewarding than the $6 he made on his stand last year.  Kyle said, “It was really fun.  It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.”

4 comments on “Lemon:Aid Stand

  • Another great idea for kids is to get a cooler on wheels, pick up some fancy icecream treats (coupons and sales are great for that) and let them sell them. My kids love doing this as their little “business.” I also love the idea of having kids do tangible giving for things like water. My kids are saving to buy/donate one of those soccer balls that generate electricity…great job doing this with your kids!

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