Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Published February 14, 2012 by joypatton

I asked my sister Paula Kuzman if I could repost something she put on her facebook page last week about today.  Last year for the first time she had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and this year is her first Valentine’s Day with a husband.  I appreciated her perspective and thought it would be encouraging whether you are single or married.  (You know, sometimes married people can get jaded about the whole holiday too.)  I hope you enjoy it, and Happy Love Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming up… and some of you are bummin’ cuz you’re single… but I DARE you to make this the best February 14th you’ve ever had. 😉

You know what helped me get through 28 years of single Valentine’s Days? I couldn’t just ignore the holiday – it was everywhere: stores, commercials, movies, conversations. So I heartily [pun intended] embraced it. And instead of focusing on me and what I didn’t have, my new goal was to brighten everyone else’s day and make them feel like a million bucks. [It really IS true – that when you’re feeling down & out and empty, serving and blessing others is abundantly satisfying, filling and rewarding!] Invite friends over to make cut-out cookies and decorate them, and then deliver them to friends’ houses or take them to work. Spend time making cards/gifts for the people in your life you love and appreciate. Have a LOVE party. Make some Scripture verse cards to hang up around your house that remind you that God is the author of love. Do something silly like dress up in pink and red. 🙂 Buy a bag of Valentine’s suckers and pass them out randomly with a smile. Decorate. Start a tradition that you can get excited about every year [mine was buying a pair of awesome Valentine’s socks… totally lame, I know… but it helped.]

Hallmark wants you to think we celebrate this holiday because Saint Valentine was romantic. [lame!] But he was so much MoRe than that – he was a champion for love… he fought for what was right… he was uber generous… he was self-sacrificing… he put the needs and interests of other people ahead of his own… and he was killed for his faith! Can’t we think of a better way to honor the Truth he lived and died for than romantic dinners and gifts and chocolates?? [Although, I do NOT suggest the removing of chocolate from your celebrations. Bad, bad idea.] 🙂

We can’t necessarily control our feelings. They are what they are. And we certainly can’t control God and where He has us in life. But we CaN control our outlook and our attitude. We CaN control what we allow to dominate our minds. We CaN choose to rejoice with those who rejoice, instead of comparing and getting jealous of their relational status. We CaN make someone’s day with an act of kindness, or an uplifting word, or a simple smile. Don’t be a victim to ‘Single Awareness Day.’ You have the power of the Risen Christ inside you to hold your head high and walk in confidence, looking for opportunities to bless and encourage. You ARE the radiant Bride of Christ – BeauTiFuL :: HoLy :: DeaRLy LoVeD :: CHoSeN :: aCCePTeD :: FoRGiVeN :: HeaLeD :: PuRSueD :: CaLLeD :: HoNoReD :: KNoWN :: FRee :: ReCReaTeD :: FuLL oF HoPe :: GoD’S oWN PRiZeD PoSSeSSioN :: aDoPTeD :: RaNSoMeD :: GoD’S MaSTeRPieCe :: CHRiST’S aMBaSSaDoRS :: SoNS & DauGHTeRS oF THe KiNG ::

Don’t forget who you are. ♥ Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂


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